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Community Futures West Yellowhead delivers a number of popular and proven small business development programs each year. If you don't see what you are looking for, check out our other business coaching and training options, and upcoming business skills events, or contact us.

Go Forth Business Training: 100 Essential Small Business Skills

If you're looking to bolster you understanding of how to start, run or grow a successful and profitable business, learn GoForth Institute's 100 Essential Small Business Skills™ in only 10 hours conveniently delivered to your computer through streaming video and an optional 400+ page resource curriculum book. Each of the thirty 20 minute video lessons is delivered by an expert in their field of business - marketing, law, accounting, finance, human resources, strategy, marketing research, operations and government compliance. Learn vital skills such as:

  • How to find new markets and more customers
  • How to run a more profitable company
  • How to develop a winning marketing and social media strategy
  • How to prepare your financial records
  • Plus 96 more skills

You'll get thirty 20 minute web video lessons - plus downloadable lesson summaries, PowerPoint™ slides, and e-mail your instructor function. The best part is you won’t have to leave the convenience of your home or office – all you need is a computer with high-speed internet access or a smart phone – and you’re ready to learn!

GoForth Institute's 10 hours of online small business training costs just $195.00 or $16.29 per month.

Entrepreneurs With Disabilities Program

This program is designed to make it easier for entrepreneurs with disabilities to pursue their business goals and contribute to economic growth within their rural community.

To qualify for the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities program you must:

  • Live in the Community Futures Centre West Region
  • Have a disability that impairs your ability to perform at least one of the basic activities of self-employment or entrepreneurship

The program offers:

  • Assistance in developing a business plan
  • Business loans up to $150,000, the terms of which are specifically tailored to address each individual entrepreneur's needs and are repayable at competitive rates

Loans can be used for:

  • Starting or expanding a business
  • Applying new technology to your business
  • Upgrading facilities and equipment
  • Developing marketing and promotions material
  • Establishing working capital for anticipated sales increases

Business Visitation Programs

In 2014 Community Futures West Yellowhead completed both the Jasper Business Visitation Study and the Grande Cache Business Visitation Study. These studies determined the needs and opportunities for business growth in the communities through a systematic approach. It created research and information that encouraged partnership and community engagement to address the needs of each community and identify opportunities. For more information and to view the studies please click on the links below.

To receive a paper copy of either of the studies please contact CFWY through the contact us page.

2014 Grande Cache Business Visitation Study

2014 Jasper Business Visitation Study


We can help entrepreneurs in Alberta’s competitive business environment get in the game.

As a local company, you may be able to provide a product or service, but standardized health, safety and insurance requirements may prevent you from being eligible to bid on the contracts you want. BizStream Small Business Program can assist you in meeting industry requirements so you can compete for contracts and get in the game. Small Business Program provides information and mentoring to rural Alberta businesses with the potential and desire to engage in contracts with the energy sector.

The energy sector requires all companies to demonstrate the following competencies before a direct contracting relationship can be established:  

  • Health, safety and environment (HSE) compliance
  • ISNetworld membership* (see more details below)
  • Related company experience within the energy sector
  • Qualified human resource management personnel
  • Management strength
  • Financial stability, both historical and current
  • Project management abilities for mobilization and implementation planning
  • Supply chain management
  • Local economic engagement
  • Technical solutions and specifications related to the project

To meet the membership requirements of ISNetworld businesses must demonstrate that they possess:

  • Insurance certificate
  • Safety manuals
  • Safety training
  • WCB coverage

If your company has the expertise, skills and ambition to engage in contracts with the energy sector, but lacks some of the competencies required to secure these contracts, BizStream Small Business Program could be for you.

BizStream supports the online safety training required for ISNetworld membership and provides access to related online management training. It also connects you to mentors whose valuable knowledge and expertise can help you develop opportunities with Alberta’s energy sector.

To find out more about BizStream Small Business Program, contact us today!


Business Coaching


Thinking of starting a new business? Expanding your existing business? Looking at succession planning? - CFWY can help!

When you have specific questions about your business or simply 'don't know what you don't know' our business advisors can help you get from an idea to reality. Contact CFWY now to enroll in the 2016 Business Coaching program and receive a FREE consultation.  Contact CFWY

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