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Business Visitation Studies

Community Business Visitations

Community Futures West Yellowhead has completed Business Visitation Studies in the communities it serves - Edson, Hinton, Jasper, Grande Cache and Yellowhead County.

CFWY staff, its Board of Directors, and partners within its member municipalities held business visitation walks to discuss the economic challenges and impacts.

2022 Business Visitation Report
2021 Business Visitation Report
2020 Business Visitation Report

Tourism Industry Business Retention and Expansion (TIBRE) Project

A community-focused economic development project to enhance tourism offerings and grow tourism businesses is beginning in the West Yellowhead region. Local tourism related businesses are encouraged to participate in this important project.

The Tourism Industry Business Retention and Expansion Project (TIBRE) is designed to identify business retention issues and expansion opportunities for existing tourism businesses in targeted municipalities. The project involves the identification of existing and eligible tourism businesses and calling them to assess their health and intentions. The project helps existing tourism businesses optimize their operations by identifying challenges and implementing solutions to help them grow.

Business participation in this community economic development project is essential to its success. It will also strengthen collaboration between tourism-focused organizations and the local business community to further develop tourism in the community.

The first stage of the project is to call tourism related business owners, which will be starting shortly and will be completed by December. Individual information and comments will be confidential, but aggregated information will be shared in a report to the community. Combined with other tourism research, the report will be a valuable resource to help solve local problems, plan for future tourism businesses, and promote the community.

Triage Business Retention & Expansion Project (BR&E)

The Triage BR&E Survey was commissioned to engage the broader business community in the West Yellowhead Region of Alberta. This survey provides insights into potential expansion or retention opportunities for follow-up on a business-by-business basis. The Town of Edson, Municipal District of Greenview (Grande Cache), Town of Hinton and the Municipality of Jasper participated in the project.

Town of Hinton Triage Report - 2022
Town of Edson Triage Report - 2022
Municipality of Jasper Triage Report - 2022
Grande Cache Triage Report - 2022

Community Futures West Yellowhead Triage Regional Report - 2022

Triage BR+E Strategic Action Plan

Municipal District of Greenview, Grande Cache, Alberta

Community leaders in the Municipal District of Greenview and Grande Cache have been taking strides to accelerate local economic development. Business retention and expansion (BR+E) activities can be employed to ensure business needs are monitored and addressed; however, engagement can be time-consuming and complex.

A BR+E survey was commissioned to engage businesses and report on observations generalizable to the broader business community, while also allowing for the identification of potential expansion or retention intervention opportunities, which staff can follow-up business-by-business.

Business Visitation Study

Community Futures West Yellowhead serves the communities of Edson, Hinton, Jasper, Grande Cache and Yellowhead County and has completed Business Visitation Studies in 4 out of the 5 communities.

Yellowhead County
In the summer and fall of 2015, CFWY interviewed 147 businesses within Yellowhead County.

From July to September of 2015, CFWY interviewed 258 businesses in the community of Hinton, completing the third Business Visitation Study for the region.

In the summer of 2014, CFWY completed a Business Visitation Study, speaking to 138 local Jasper businesses to determine the needs and opportunities for business growth in the community.

Grande Cache
In the summer / fall of 2014, CFWY completed a Business Visitation Study within the community of Grande Cache. This study spoke to 148 businesses located within the municipality.

Comprising our largest business visitation study to date, CFWY interviewed 300 within the community of Edson in the summer and fall of 2016. 

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